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    “Take Me for Me”


Take me for me
I’m not just a tree
Though I stand still
I have roots and a soul—  Which is warm
Then is cold

See who I am
Look hard and you can
See one who wants
More than surface
Which last but a moment
And in a rut is caught

Can a road be built of concrete and stone?
Of weaving well sown?...
To last and last
When trod on or worn
Through sun or a storm
Till death by you born?

Few can create
The right kind of mate
But find one true
To discover past them
A person to whom
Is more than a friend

A partner-a friend
To know not pretend
But also to see
From their face to their heart—
An understanding held
You’ll never part



Someday I might discover
A lover...not a lover
Who wants me as I am—
Whether tallest or small
Good or bad  
But all in all




     Photography by Daniel Catherine
Griffith Park, Hollywood, CA 


By Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
From "Your Own Ship" Poetry Book
2005 Apple Core Publishing