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On September 20, 2006, Sony Music Direct (Japan) released all the GoldeBriars' unreleased tracks on CD: "CLIMBING STARS "

See the tracks listed below....
and listen to the Sound Clips!

This was a Special Edition Release and not in print anymore but perhaps you can find one for sale on the web.

(Lyrics of all songs included with the CD)

Includes 21 Tracks...

1)  "Hush, Hush" (with harmonica)
2)  "Nothing Wrong With You That My Love Can't Cure" MP3 Sound Clip
3)  "Licorice"
4)  "Walkin' Down the Line"         MP3 Sound Clip
5)  "Last Two People on Earth"
6)  "Tell It To The Wind"
7)  "Nothing More To Look Forward To"
8)  "I'm Gonna Marry You"  (in stereo)
9)  "June Bride Baby"  (in stereo)
10) "Sunshine Special"
11) "My Song"
12) "We Shall Overcome"
13) "Linin' Track"
14) "Que Bonita"                      MP3 Sound Clip
15) "Saro Jane"
16) "Noah"                              MP3 Full Song
17) "Freight Train Blues"          MP3 Sound Clip
     "Nothing More To Look Forward To"
     "Hush, Hush"
     "Tell It To The Wind"
     "I'm Gonna Marry You"

Sony's Music Shop in Japan

*USA fans--You can purchase "Climbing Stars" from

( also has the first 2 GB Sony CDs...Just search the word "GoldeBriars" for all 3 Sony CDs)

First 2 CDs of the GBs original albums were released by Sony (Japan) March 24, 2006....
(Lyrics of all songs included with
both CDs)


Great News-3-24-06:  Sony Music Direct in Japan released two CDs of 26 GoldeBriars' recordings--

Disk Union's 1-06-06 Newsclip

 "The GoldeBriars" & "Straight Ahead!" (to include their last single, "I'm Gonna Marry You" & "June Bride Baby").  This is the first CD release EVER of the GoldeBriars' music.  These will be Limited Editions.  

The new DSD Mastering technique makes the GB sound crisp & clean & totally unified!   The original cardboard sleeves used (instead of the plastic CD cases) are like mini-album covers (quite thick) & a lot of fun! 

USA fans can order both GoldeBriars' CD from

GoldeBriars' fans in Japan can order them from:   Disk Union, & Tower Records (Japan)

Also, AMAZON in France, England & Germany sell the GB CDs.