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But in 2023 it would be hard to find these 2 CDs now as they are no longer in print from Collector's Choice Music.

Let's hope another company will release all the Goldebriars' music on LPs someday
(42 songs in total so it would have to be 3 LPs to cover all the recordings). 

Anyway listen to the Sound Clips to the track titles listed below for both CDs.



I just received the two newly released cd's of all the GoldeBriars' recordings.  These cd's have been digitally remastered and the sonic quality of these GoldeBriars' masters is truly awesome.  Hearing the songs from the third 'never before released' GoldeBriars' album is a special treat.

The GoldeBriars are, and always have been, my favorite folk group of all time  Their harmonies and vocal arrangements are beautiful, emotional, and truly touch the heart of the listener.
I highly recommend this Collector's Choice Music collection of all the GoldeBriars' songs to anyone...and everyone.  If you're a longtime fan like me you will absolutely love hearing them again.  If this is the first time you'll hear the GoldeBriars you will become a lifetime fan.  I guarantee it...!!!
Bob Eveslage
New Ulm, MN

Back in 65, when I heard your first LP, I knew I was listening to something very special.  I was going to school in the Twin Cities and every apartment I visited, had your LP and was always playing it.  After going to school, I wanted to buy your 1st LP but it was out of print.  I've been looking for years for a copy of the LP and was thrilled to see it was being released on CD.  My biggest fear after purchasing the CD was listening to your music that I last heard in 1965.  Your sound was in my head, but would be the same sound on the newly released CD?  I was NOT disappointed!  The quality had a digital cleanness to it.  I never thought I would hear your group's talent again.  I just bought an extra copy and gave it to my daughter for her birthday.  I explained in my birthday greeting how much I loved the music of the Goldebriars.  My daughter also loves music and I informed her that this was the early sounds of "Abba".   Thank you for the joy of hearing your haunting music one more time.   It's great!
All the best.........Chuck

1st Collector's Choice CD:  "The GoldeBriars"

2nd Collector's Choice CD:  "Straight Ahead!"

1)  Railroad Boy 1) Sea of Tears
2) He Was a Friend of Mine 2) MacDougal Street
3) Come Walk Me Out 3) I've Got To Love Somebody
4) Alabama Bound 4) Jump Down
5) Pretty Girls & Rolling Stones 5) Sweet Potatoes
6) A Mumblin' Word 6) Haiku
7) Old Time Religion 7) No More Bomb
8) Long Time Travellin' 8) Queen of Sheba
9) Shenandoah 9) Joy, Joy, Joy
10) No More Auction Block 10) Castle on the Corner
11) Sing Out Terry O'Day 11) Zum Gale Gale
12) Voyager's Lament 12) Ride That Chariot
Bonus Tracks:  Bonus Tracks:
13) Saro Jane 13) The Last Two People on Earth        MP3 Sound Clip
14) My Song                     MP3 Sound Clip 14) Hush, Hush                                   MP3 Sound Clip
15) Que Bonita                   15) Hush, Hush (Alternative Take)
16) Sunshine Special          MP3 Sound Clip 16) Nothing Wrong with You That My Love Can't Cure
17) Jump Down (Alternative Take) 17) Licorice                                       MP3 Sound Clip
18) We Shall Overcome      MP3 Sound Clip 18) Walkin' Down the Line
19) Noah 19) Tell It To The Wind                    MP3 Sound Clip
20) Nothing More To Look Forward To 20) Tell It To The Wind (Alternative Take)
21) Nothing More To Look Forward To (Alternative Take) 21) June Bride Baby
22) Freight Train Blues 22) I'm Gonna Marry You
23) Linin' Track                MP3 Sound Clip
24) I'm Gonna Marry You (Alternative Take)