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      “Fun Away Child” 

Fun Away Child
Birds, trees—breeze caress
Flowers falling in a row
Water falling in a mist

Happy winds go
Dancing by—flying high
Skipping feet through cooling grass Little hands that reach the sky



      Silly thoughts, funny minds
      Teddy bears,
      Stuffed tigers,
      All a part of a loving heart

   Smiling brooks of
   Mirror tricks—picture’s me
   Fresh ripe strawberries in a patch
   Sky real blue, grass real green

   Hearts play along
   As day goes on—songs will fill
   The fresh sweet air with notes of cheer
   Until the sun hides past the hill  

   Night calmness comes
   Time to rest your sleepy eyes
   The stars will turn on glowing lights
   The moon will wave the day goodbye

   Fun-away child
   Bread is gone—bed is soon
   Sandman holds his bag in hand
   Even in your summer June  

          Artwork by Ron Cable        

 This poem is also one of my songs.


By Dotti Holmberg-Waddell
From "Your Own Ship"
2005 Apple Core Publishing